Chicken Little: The Sky is Flaming
December 4, 2013, 12:58 am
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The incident was a thing of history. Not the kind of history you study in school, mind you, but the sort that you take care to not accidentally bring up at a cocktail party. Yet, there was no embarrassment in the decision to move all of farmdom into the barn – not that they were worried the sky would fall, but, really, why not move into the barn?

Embarrassment was, however, clearly evident in Chicken Little’s newfound interest in the physical sciences. Quite responsibly, if I may say so, he wanted to be sure that any future panic was firmly rooted in objective inquiry. (Though, between you and me, I suspect a lingering desire to to differentiate his story from that of the little boy who cried wolf may have also played a part.)

And so it was that Chicken Little held his tongue when he first noticed the temperature rising. He explained away the first hints of smoke and cursed his instruments as the rising cross-draft foiled his temperature readings. In fact, he remained resolutely skeptical right until the weather balloon he sent up fell right back down – melted. Continue reading