Good books

These are books that I have read and recommend. It’s not to say that I stand behind everything in them (some of which I read quite some time ago), nor that there aren’t other books that are as good or better. But these are books I’d say to consider if you’re interested in these topics. And I invite you to share your own recommendations in the comments.

Why we do what we do

While some of this topic gets covered under “corporate behavior” below (in such books as Dirty Business and Corporate and White Collar Crime), and Influence also describes how marketing works, these books talk more about how our brains function as individuals (rather than as organizations).

Corporate behavior

These books talk about how industries function and consequently some of the reasons why we can’t just trust corporations to do what’s in the interest of society, employees, or even shareholders — even if corporate employees are not “bad people.” The topics cover health, food, outsourcing of government roles (e.g. prisons), financial services, mineral extraction, etc. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of particularly good books on the topics of water, toxic chemicals, etc., though I wish I were. And there are several books on labor in textiles and agriculture that I plan to read but have not gotten to yet.




Outsourcing government roles

Financial services

Resource use and waste

Interesting history and economics lessons

If we stretch our imaginations, these books could squeeze into the categories above, but why force it? These are good books that give a historical perspective to how society functions and comes to know itself.

Publishers I tend to like


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