Thanks for visiting my blog. I spend a large portion of my days thinking about the relationship between corporations and environmental and social sustainability. I plan to record a hopefully cleaned up version of those ruminations here.

I hope that these posts serve to inform people who are interested in but not familiar with SRI (i.e. socially responsible investment) and CSR (i.e. corporate social responsibility), but I also would like to move the discussion along within the industry itself. (For instance, it is not evident to me that the industry has fully considered the “point” of SRI in structuring its various products.) And, of course, this will serve as a place for me to get my thoughts out of my head, hopefully structuring and clarifying them a bit in the process.

Though I am obviously biased by my own experience of the industry, I will do my best to provide a broad perspective — and i look forward to your comments, whether in support or disagreement. And as my experience is largely in the US (with some short-term excursions abroad) and in analytical roles, I would love for your comments to add international and/or industry-specific perspectives. I would also be interested in your questions, particularly suggestions for future posts. Most of my initial content is looking like editorials, but I’m hoping to have more research-based articles at some point.

Please let me know what you think.


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