Food as Philosophy
February 26, 2014, 6:29 pm
Filed under: Editorializing

Growing up in New Orleans, it’s no surprise that food represents so much more to me than sustenance. I live as I cook, and I cook as I live. To understand my approach to life, step with me into the kitchen:

  1. I’m committed to the result – good, healthful food – but not wedded to a particular recipe for getting there. I balance tried-and-true with surprising-and-unexpected. I taste as I go and adjust as needed.
  2. I let constraints nourish my creativity. I cook without meat. I use organic, local/fair trade, seasonal, and unprocessed as much as possible. I see these as focusing factors, not as limitations.
  3. I start from scratch, but not from a blank slate. I’m always picking up interesting combinations and techniques from friends and restaurants, and I make sure I have versatile ingredients on hand.
  4. I enjoy the journey as much as the result. I love eating, but I enjoy the results even more when I get my hands dirty in the process.
  5. It’s better with company. I thrive on creative collaboration, so if I have guests, I incorporate their preferences and inspirations into the meal as much as possible.
  6. I clean as I go. Who can work with a cluttered counter? Or enjoy a meal when there are dirty dishes in the kitchen? A little effort while cooking saves a lot of effort afterward.

Whether we’re talking recipe for dinner or manifesto for life, I seek to be someone who is open to inspiration, committed to action, with a love for continuous learning and creative collaboration. And an abiding appreciation for the delicious simplicity of fresh sesame bread and olive oil. Which, if you don’t mind, I’ll go have a bit of right now …


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